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Aug 29, 2011 5

Love & Laughs: Comedian Eric Patrick Shares His Relationship Advice

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Love & Laughs: Comedian Eric Patrick Shares His Relationship Advice
Eric Patrick

Comedians are usually social anomalies, and that’s why they’re so respected.  For anyone to stand in front of a gigantic crowd of people, living and dying purely on the words they say while at the same time trying to make a personal connection–takes a special type of person.

Eric Patrick is one of the hottest young comedians on the scene today–in more ways than one.   His time on The Real World: New Orleans may have introduced him to a wider audience, but his good looks, charm, and captivating comedic style have kept his audience growing, from the NYC scene, all the way to far-off Johannesburg and London.  Described by as a “handsome ladies man,” and by Entertainment Weekly as “energetic and engaging,” Eric Patrick knows how to create and cultivate a relationship, as well as a crowd. Here are a few tips to help daters of either sex lighten up, straight from Patrick’s experience:

Don’t take rejection personally–it’s a fact of life. “A woman can usually tell within the first 10-15 minutes whether she likes a guy or not,” says Patrick.  “As you get older, you learn not to get hung up on it.  If a girl’s not into me, I just move on, because there are other ones out there.”
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