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Aug 29, 2012 3

Dr. Catherine Salmon Shares ‘The Secret Power of Middle Children’

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Dr. Catherine Salmon Shares ‘The Secret Power of Middle Children’

By Deanna Atkins

One thing you can’t change in life is your birth order. Firstborns are destined for leadership, and lastborns take the role as the family’s beloved baby, making it a confusing ride for a child growing up in between. While a vast amount of research has been done on birth order, it always seems like the ones left out are middleborns. Realizing this truth, Dr. Catherine Salmon strives to credit middle children’s extraordinary traits through her research, surprising readers, myth-believers and parents with the real facts about middles. Salmon teams up with journalist Katrin Schumann to reveal how middleborns can “harness their unexpected and remarkable abilities” in The Secret Power of Middle Children. …On the edge of your seat? Click here for more.

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