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Sep 10, 2012 0

‘Bridesmaids’ Star Chris O’Dowd Ties the Knot

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Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bridesmaids’ Star Chris O’Dowd Ties the Knot
Dawn Porter and Chris O'Dowd. Photo: Landmark / PR Photos

By Nicole Weintraub

From Bridesmaids to marriage, Chris O’Dowd has been keeping busy. The Bridesmaids star tied the knot with girlfriend Dawn Porter on August 26, according to People. The couple met at Porter’s birthday party back in 2009 and a year later became engaged. The ceremony spanned over three days, all of which were filled with low-key activities. Following the wedding, O’Dowd shared a racy photo of his new wife with the public, which was meant to be kept private. The photo has since been removed due to a request from Porter once she found out about her new husband’s sharing. In his defense, he stated he was merely showing off his new wife.

How do you show that you are proud of your significant other?

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