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Apr 29, 2014 7

Celebrity Interview: Chef Roble Talks Date Nights and Says Creating New Fragrance Was “A Lot Like Cooking”

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Chef Roble Talks Date Nights and Says Creating New Fragrance Was “A Lot Like Cooking”
Photo courtesy of Brands With Purpose.

By Maria Darbenzio

Chef Roblé Ali, best known for Bravo’s reality TV documentary series Chef Roblé & Co, is continuing to make his mark on the food industry. Over the years, thanks to his passionate dedication to cooking, he has prepared meals for many A-list stars, started a successful catering company, and has now ventured into the realm of beauty. With his new fragrance Clique by Roblé, he’s expanding his brand beyond the foodies.

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Apr 28, 2014 5

Giveaway: Smell Great with Clique by Roblé Perfume

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Giveaway: Smell Great with Clique by Roblé Perfume
Photo courtesy of Brands With Purpose.

This post is sponsored by Clique by Roblé.

By Louisa Gonzales

Looking for the right scent that will show off just how amazing you are? Accentuate your style with Clique by Roblé, the sweet perfume created by Chef Roblé. It’s no surprise that the celebrity chef, caterer, and reality star added fragrance maker to his resume. His background makes him more than qualified to produce an alluring scent. So grab a bottle of this new scent and catch the attention of your crush!

Roblé, who partnered with a top perfumer to create the fragrance, was heavily involved in the process and made sure that he had the perfect balance of scents from his favorite culinary creations. In fact, many of the ingredients in Clique by Roblé can also be found in his kitchen: citrus, herbs, spices and even flowers, to name a few.

The chef strove to develop an insatiable fragrance that has the freshness of a citrus cocktail with a captivating and sensual dessert base. This brilliant idea was derived from one of his favorite signature dessert recipes: French Toast Crunch. To finalize this winning combination, he didn’t rely on so-called experts; instead, he invited over 100 female fans of all ages and lifestyles to preview the product before picking out the clear winner, Clique by Roblé. With this gourmet scent, you’ll smell delicious to anyone you walk by and leave a lasting impression on the object of your affection.

Lucky for you, one reader will have the chance to win a bottle of Clique by Roblé. The intoxicating scent will ignite your senses as well as your beau’s, no matter what your date night holds!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: To enter this giveaway, email cupid@cupidspulse.com with your full name, address, email, and daytime phone number BEFORE 5 p.m. EST on Monday, May 5th. In the subject line, please write “Clique by Roblé.” You can enter the contest only once. Good luck! 

This giveaway is now closed.

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