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Jun 26, 2020 0

Celebrity Body: Treat Yourself Right and Stop Obsessing

Posted In: Fitness/Health
Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Body: Treat Yourself Right and Stop Obsessing
Be your authentic self. Photo: piksel / Bigstock.com

By Alycia Williams

Now that the weather is warm (or almost warm) in most parts of the country, we’re starting to think about fitting into last year’s bathing suit. Right or wrong, “summer bodies” can become an obsession for a lot of women and men alike. For others, having the perfect summer body is on their minds all year round. Although staying fit all year is a healthy goal, obsessing over it may get you exactly nowhere. Although watching celebrity workout videos is great, there’s more to it than that.

Check out some ways to stop obsessing about having the perfect celebrity body and, instead, learn how to treat your body right:

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