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Aug 24, 2011 0

Madonna and BF Brahim Zaibat Vacation In … Guéthary?

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Madonna and BF Brahim Zaibat Vacation In … Guéthary?
Madonna. Photo: Landmark / PR Photos

Guethary is now on the map.  The little French village with a population of 1,600 was the recent vacation spot for Madonna and her much-younger dancer boyfriend Brahim Zaibat last Tuesday for two weeks, according to People.  The couple was spotted Wednesday morning in matching exercise gear biking on the village’s cycling paths before meeting with her 14 year-old daughter Lourdes at a beach close to the village port.  Still, the biggest question remains to be answered is, why Guethary?  “We have three hotels, six small restaurants and no nightclub,” said a representative from the local tourist office. “We’re known for our three surfing beaches, but besides from that there’s nothing. Only reason she would come here for … is … is the quiet.”

What are some “out of the way” vacation spots good for couples?

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