Cupid's Pulse Article: Gigi Hadid Says She Rejected Celebrity Boyfriend Joe Jonas When She Was 13Cupid's Pulse Article: Gigi Hadid Says She Rejected Celebrity Boyfriend Joe Jonas When She Was 13

By Kyanah Murphy

This latest celebrity news is cute (and maybe a little creepy)! Gigi Hadid turned down her now celebrity boyfriend Joe Jonas when she was 13 … and he was 19! shares that 7 years ago Joe Jonas asked now celebrity love Hadid to go to a baseball game with him, but she turned him down because she was nervous! Back then, Hadid had no idea what it meant to hang out with a boym as she had never done so! She was super nervous at the idea of it! Nevertheless, future celebrity boyfriend Joe Jonas left his number with Hadid’s mom! It was probably for the best for this celebrity couple that it didn’t work out just then.

This celebrity boyfriend is one lucky man! What are some ways patience can strengthen your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

You don’t have to be a celebrity boyfriend to practice patience with your relationship. Here are three ways patience can help strengthen your relationship:

1. It allows for more positive thoughts: Let’s face it – our partners are gonna test our patience and frustrate us. But, rather than peg our partner with a negative thought, think of your partner did during this time that tested your patience. This will also give you a way to communicate what was frustrating for you!

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2. You create a comfortable environment: When you practice patience with your partner, you will generate a more comfortable and even safe environment for you both. While comfortable, you’re more likely to have positive reactions with each other because of lowered defenses.

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3. You keep your relationship in tact: Your odds of arguing decrease. Your defenses decrease. There is no risk of a break-up due to lost patience and tempers due to someone’s mistakes and shortcomings.

How has patience helped you in your relationship? Share below!