Cupid's Pulse Article: Will Kelsey Grammer Beat His Daughter to the Altar?Cupid's Pulse Article: Will Kelsey Grammer Beat His Daughter to the Altar?

Kelsey Grammer’s eldest daughter, Spencer Grammer, recently announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend James Hesketh, but will she have to pick out a dress for her dad’s wedding before her own wedding dress?  Kelsey plans on marrying girlfriend Kayte Williams in February, even though his divorce from his wife Camille is not yet final.  Thanks to California divorce law, if a judge agrees to “bifurate” the proceedings, he will be able to remarry while continuing to battle over the assets.  According to RadarOnline, Spencer has yet to pick a date to walk down the aisle.

Why should you get married sooner rather than later?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some couples spend years getting to know each other before walking down the aisle, while others wait only months.  Cupid thought of a few situations where it’s good to get married sooner rather than later:

1. If you’re older: As the years go on, the dating rules change a bit.  We’re more comfortable with who we are and what we like.  As we get older, the rest of our lives seem less intimidating!  If you find true love later in life, don’t waste any time!

2. If you’re divorced: After being married once or twice, you know the ropes.  So maybe you weren’t with the right person, but now that you’re alone it’s difficult to be single again.  If you find someone who makes you feel that puppy love you missed so much and you know what mistakes to avoid this time around, don’t procrastinate with the “I do’s!”

3. If you’re widowed: Losing a spouse is incredibly painful.  Lying in bed with nothing next to you, but an empty space will constantly remind you of the empty space left in your heart.  If you’re lucky enough to find someone that truly makes you happy, let him or her help fill those spaces right away.