Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: George Clooney, Kylie Jenner and Sandra BullockCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: George Clooney, Kylie Jenner and Sandra Bullock

By Shoshi

Want the latest celebrity news and romance gossip? Then you’ve come to the right place! Recently, these famous couples have made headlines for their relationships and love, whether it be George Clooney’s celebrity marriage, Kylie Jenner’s budding romance, or Sandra Bullock’s new beau. Check out my predictions for the three celebrity couples below and find out what’s next in their love lives!

The Latest Celebrity News and Celebrity Couple Predictions

George Clooney and Amal Clooney: What can one say about George and Amal? They seem to be on top of the world. As they travel the world walking hand and hand, the media cannot get enough of this celebrity couple. Since there doesn’t seem to be any real drama in their relationship and love, the media is trying to stir something up. Most of the criticism is focused on Amal. Some say she dresses tacky, while others accused her law firm of giving her the high profile accounts, because she is married to George Clooney. Nevermind that she’s highly qualified to take on any case thrown her way. I love Amal and think that she’s great for George. I still say that from the beginning their celebrity marriage was for calculated reasons versus simply love. Those reasons may never be known to the rest of us, because it looks like they know how to keep their mouths shut. This couple is working out fine even though Clooney is starting to look much older when he stands next to his lovely wife. Let’s just say Clooney met a woman who know hows to ride or die.

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga: This relationship has disaster written all over it. Are they in love? It looks more like lust than love to me. At this point it’s hard to know who’s using who. Tyga is getting a boost in his career from being with a Jenner, while who knows exactly what Jenner is getting from being with him. It all seems like a carefully orchestrated relationship put together by the puppetmaster, Kris Jenner. Don’t believe the engagement rumors. This relationship is going to run its course and end as dramatically as it began. Right now, what remains to be seen is who will get tired of who first. Right now, my money is on Jenner because she has the upper-hand.

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Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall: There are rumors flying everywhere that Sandra Bullock is dating model and photographer, Bryan Randall.  Before you get all excited about this news, hold on a minute, When did a dinner date start to mean that someone is in a relationship? I would love to see Bullock find love, but it’s time to stop assuming she’s in a relationship with every single man she talks to. That being said, Randall has a bit of a criminal past and we all know how Bullock loves bad boys. I don’t see a romance with Randall having any staying power. Right now, she is just dipping her toe back into the dating scene. The main concern on her mind is having a good influence around for her son, Louis. Randall is a “meh” choice for Bullock. He’s fine for testing out her flirting moves, but she should definitely keep her options open. Bullock needs to take dating tips from some of the other women in Hollywood.

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