Cupid's Pulse Article: Alison Sweeney Talks Relationships And Love in Exclusive Celebrity Interview: “Love Is a Two-Way Street, and Even Though It Can Be Messy, It’s Worth It!”Cupid's Pulse Article: Alison Sweeney Talks Relationships And Love in Exclusive Celebrity Interview: “Love Is a Two-Way Street, and Even Though It Can Be Messy, It’s Worth It!”

By Rebecca White

Alison Sweeney has done it all when it comes to the small screen, working as an actress, director, and even producer. From soap operas and TV movies to hosting a reality TV competition show, she gracefully balances motherhood while also managing her booming career. While her time on The Biggest Loser is now over, the celebrity mom is using her open schedule to pursue other passions. In our exclusive celebrity interview, we chatted with Sweeney about her relationship and love life, her best love advice when it comes to balancing a family and career, and her upcoming Hallmark movie Love on the Air.

Alison Sweeney Talks Relationships and Love

For Sweeney and husband David Sanov, balance is key. When you have two kids and are constantly working on new projects, it’s important for each spouse to manage their time effectively. “Dave is my partner,” the actress says. “We have been married for 15 years, and each day, we take time to ensure we are there for one another and our children.”

She also notes the importance of taking time to relax as a couple. For her and her husband, that means “cooking dinner together and, after putting the kids to sleep, having a glass of wine or some popcorn while watching a movie or catching up on our favorite TV shows.” Yes, that is easier said than done, but finding time to spend together is essential. “At the end of the day, your relationship and love is the anchor of your busy lifestyle, and if you make that a priority, you’ll be able to tackle all else together,” she shares. “We find ways to schedule meetings and playdates, so make the point to schedule quality time with your partner too.”

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Sweeney encourages her kids to take risks by setting a positive example. “I always push myself with new challenges, and producing, directing, and starring in different projects enables me to do just that,” she reveals. She encourages busy moms to explore other passions as well. “Like Nike says, just do it! You don’t want to always wonder what might have been,” she says.

Of course, handling a full schedule can be hard. Her advice is to “focus on the moment and do your best.” Try to manage your time hourly rather than weekly, so it’s not as daunting. “At the end of the week, take a moment to evaluate your accomplishments and what you hope to improve in the next week: focus at work, attention to kids, quality time with partner, time for yourself…it all matters,” she shares.

New Hallmark Movie Teaches Love Advice

One of the projects keeping the celebrity mom busy is the upcoming Hallmark movie Love on the Air, which marks Sweeney’s debut on the channel as both a star and executive producer. Her character Sonia seems to have it all. “She has a great radio show for female empowerment and a successful fiancé, but when she is forced to work with a rival DJ, she’s pushed to look at her world and herself in a new way,” the actress explains. “The lesson about love that Sonia learns is such a good one to share. Love is a two-way street, and even though it can be messy, it’s worth it!”

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Sweeney recently realized how much she loves storytelling and making romantic comedies. Thanks to her new partnership with Hallmark, she can do both! As far as her future projects, Sweeney says to “follow me on social media to find out what’s next and then let me know what you think!”

You can keep up with Alison Sweeney on Twitter @Ali_Sweeney. Tune in for Love on the Air on Hallmark on September 26th at 9/8c!