Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrity Couple ‘How We Met’ Stories That Are Way Too SweetCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrity Couple ‘How We Met’ Stories That Are Way Too Sweet

By Kyanah Murphy

After watching countless Disney movies and flipping through hundreds of romance stories, we can’t help but wonder if fairytale relationship and love lives truly DO exist in our normal, mundane world.

We’re here to tell you that yes, they can exist in real life and Cupid has five celebrity couple ‘how we met’ stories to prove it!

1. Carey Mulligan & Marcus Mumford

Celebrity couple Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford started out as childhood pen pals! Over the years, they had lost touch with one another as their lives sped up and pulled them in other directions. As fate would have it, the old friends reunited after Mulligan attended a Mumford & Sons house party. Not long after that, the two became a famous couple tying the knot after less than a year of dating! They still write to each other during busy times, except now they’re love letters!

2. Kate Middleton & Prince William

We may think we know how Kate Middleton and Prince William met (at St. Andrew’s University, of course), but according to the Royal Biographer behind Middleton’s biography, the famous couple actually crossed paths before they attended St. Andrew’s. The royal couple met through mutual friends and then got to know each other better when they arrived at university. Rumor also has it that Middleton was originally going to go to an Edinburgh University, but she then decided against it and applied to St. Andrew’s instead!

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3. David & Victoria Beckham

During the girl power days of the Spice Girls, Posh Spice (aka: Victoria Beckham) and soccer player David Beckham met at a charity soccer event. The former Spice Girl admits she wasn’t into soccer, so she didn’t really know who David Beckham was. However, that didn’t stop them from becoming a much loved British celebrity couple! David Beckham jokes that his celebrity wife chose him out of a sticker book and that he chose her “off the telly” when he saw the Spice Girls music video for “Say You’ll Be There”.

4. Jim Toth & Reese Witherspoon

Jim Toth had donned his shining armor when he met Reese Witherspoon. The celebrity couple became an item after Toth stepped in and saved Witherspoon from a drunken friend who was making a fool of himself and trying to hit on her. Toth collected his friend and apologized to Witherspoon for his friend’s behavior. Witherspoon was charmed by Toth’s behavior and the two became a celebrity couple, tying the knot not long after.

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5. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

The story of this famous couple is an empowering one. Portia de Rossi first met Ellen DeGeneres backstage at an awards show where de Rossi was completely smitten with DeGeneres at first sight. The two officially met at a photo shoot in 2004 where both women discovered that they were attracted to each other. de Rossi comments that she was weak in the knees with DeGeneres. At first, the two didn’t act on their feelings as they were both seeing someone else at the time, but fate would eventually bring them together as a top celebrity couple. de Rossi commented that being with DeGeneres and marrying her saved her. DeGeneres has been a solid rock for de Rossi in accepting herself and overcoming her hardships.

Do you know of other cute celebrity couple ‘how we met’ stories? Share below!