Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Master Sommelier Talks Relationship and Love AdviceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Master Sommelier Talks Relationship and Love Advice

By Rebecca White

If you’re keeping up with New York Fashion Week, then you know that the worlds of fashion and wine are colliding this year. Master Sommelier DLynn Proctor shares his best relationship and love advice concerning all things wine in our celebrity video interview.

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DLynn Proctor Talks Love Advice In Celebrity Video Interview

Sometimes ordering wine at a restaurant can be stressful, especially on a first date or special occasion such as an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Proctor’s love advice is to make sure you communicate with your sommelier. “Give your somm buzz words, like light or bold, medium wines, fruity, dry, sweet, etc.,” he says. After that, your somm will easily be able to make a pairing sure to improve your date night.

But if you still need some dating advice concerning wine, then look out for these recommendations. For a first date, you can’t go wrong with the Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz, Proctor shares. “A lot of beginners can enjoy this and the price is affordable!” he says. But, maybe your relationship is more mature, and you’re searching for an anniversary wine. In that case, go with the Penfolds Grange Shiraz that can be order at the finest establishments.

In regards to his own relationship and love life, Proctor jokes that being a sommelier has only improved his marriage. “The wine seller is always stocked and the wife is always happy. She drinks very well,” he says with a laugh.

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