Cupid's Pulse Article: E.G. Daily Shares Post-Divorce Love Advice in Celebrity Interview: “Don’t Wait for Someone to Fill You Up”Cupid's Pulse Article: E.G. Daily Shares Post-Divorce Love Advice in Celebrity Interview: “Don’t Wait for Someone to Fill You Up”

Interview by Rebecca White. Written by Mackenzie Scibetta.

E.G. Daily may have one of the most diverse careers in Hollywood. From starting out on the silver screen in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to playing the voice of Tommy Pickle’s in Rugrats, she has truly done it all. Plus, she has a successful singing career. Most impressively though, she balances being a full-time single celebrity mom with her busy lifestyle.

You may recognize Daily from season 5 of The Voice, where she performed a memorable rendition of Faith Hill’s “Breathe” and was chosen by Blake Shelton. She compared the unforgettable experience to a summer camp for people of all ages and said it was refreshing to just sit around and sing all day. Her best advice for upcoming contestants on season 9 of the reality TV show? “Savor every moment.”

E.G. Daily Dishes on Her Celebrity Divorce and Family Life

“Love inspires everything I do,” gushes the singer-songwriter, who writes many of her songs with a romantic theme in mind. She notes that “love is all day long,” whether she’s at the gym or walking down the street. This positive outlook on life undoubtedly helped her handle her celebrity divorce from Rick Salomon in 2000.

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For Daily, the best way to handle divorce is with dignity and no bad blood. “Just make sure not to be cruel because you’ll want or even need to be friends with them at some point. Ultimately, it’s happening for you, not to you,”  she explains in our celebrity interview. She is a woman who practices what she preaches, as her and Salomon still maintain a close relationship. As for raising their children as a single mother, she believes that you shouldn’t make your ex out to be the bad guy. Her and Salomon “have nothing but love and respect for each other,” which she hopes helps her children honor them. 

Unfortunately, no divorce, no matter how compatible the bond, is going to be that easy. Daily says she struggled the most with what to do with old photographs and videos of their former life together. “I learned you keep them and just remember the good times. He’s my family, and you’ll still have the relationship, but the form of it changes from family to friends forever,” she candidly shares.

With such a hectic life, it’s hard to imagine how Daily could have time to focus on her children and career…but she managed to succeed at both! “I don’t know how I did it — it just all worked itself out,” she says with a laugh. She always put her work around her children, who she refers to as her little diamonds. “They are the most important things to me. My life wouldn’t be as awesome without them,” she notes. She’s even lucky enough to bring them to set sometimes: When she worked on Rugrats and voiced a toddler, her children were toddlers and often there with her.

Reality TV Contestant Shares Love Advice in Celebrity Interview

It’s no surprise that Daily is a strong promoter of self-love and encourages everyone to find what you love in yourself before you start looking for a partner. “When you meet someone amazing, you should feel they deserve you. Don’t wait for someone to fill you up,” she suggests. Sharing a bit of love advice, she believes that doing all things out of self-care and self-love will naturally attract good partners. “People can feel when you love yourself or not. Be with someone who loves that you love yourself,” she adds.

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As for jumping back into the dating game after a divorce, Daily suggests the same rule of self-love and confidence. “Make sure that you’re feeling super good in your life. Feel full and whole and turned on so that you can bring someone in with that positive energy,” she shares in our celebrity interview. She adds that you can’t be bitter and expect to find someone. Instead, be excited and ready to tackle a new relationship and love that will bring joy into your life.

You can keep up with and listen to E.G. Daily’s music on her Twitter @realegdaily or as well as her website, For more love advice and great tunes, you can listen to her one-woman autobiographical musical “Listen Closely,” available on Amazon.