Cupid's Pulse Article: Bristol Palin Posts 6-Month Celebrity Baby BumpCupid's Pulse Article: Bristol Palin Posts 6-Month Celebrity Baby Bump

By Mackenzie Scibetta

The daughter of Sarah Palin will soon be welcoming her second child to the world! According to, Bristol Palin shared an intimate picture on Instagram showing fans her celebrity baby bump. The 24-year-old celebrity mom captioned the photo, “Start of my sixth month, feeling like a tannnkk already! Eek.” With just three months until the new baby arrives, we can’t wait to see more celebrity baby photos.

This celebrity baby is making Bristol feel “like a tank.” What are some ways to make your partner feel beautiful throughout pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Pregnancy is the one of the most wonderful miracles of life, and it should be appreciated as such. It’s important to cherish and help out your partner if they’re caring their own bundle of joy. Cupid has some love advice to help keep your relationship blossoming during pregnancy:

1. Offer back rubs/foot massages: These small acts of kindness can go a long way for a woman. It will remind her how much you care for her and that you want her to feel comfortable. It can also help boost her mood.

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2. Constant compliments: Pregnancy is a time of a lot of heightened emotions so offering a lot of praise to your partner will really boost her confidence and make her feel radiant again. It will also earn you brownie points for being so supportive. Never stop telling her she’s beautiful.

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3. Support her: There are a lot of ways to help out around the house that will really make your partner appreciate you. Finishing the dishes, cooking her dinner or offering to do her laundry are all sweet examples of how you can support her. Seeing you help out will remind her how special she is to have you.

How did your partner make you feel beautiful during your pregnancy? Comment below.