Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice Q&A: How Do I Show My Interest In Someone Online?Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice Q&A: How Do I Show My Interest In Someone Online?

Question from Carrie K.: When I first meet a nice guy and we become friends on Facebook, I always try to think of a way to show him I might be interested. Is there a way to subtly do so without looking like a stalker or totally desperate?

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Relationship Experts Share Dating Advice About Showing Interest On Facebook

Suzanne K. Oshima, Matchmaker: When it comes to Facebook, there’s a fine line between showing interest and coming across as a stalker. Obviously, you can like and comment on his posts, but my love advice is to not do so too much. If you go overboard, you’ll be seen as someone who has a little too much interest in his life and no life of your own. So my expert dating advice is to be selective about what you comment on and like. Then, at some point, after you’ve been friends for awhile, try to initiate a conversation over the private messaging feature on Facebook. Once the conversation takes off, add in a little innocent flirting and see where it goes. Soon, he may ask you out on a date, and you can get offline and meet up in person!

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Paige Wyatt, Reality TV Star: I know that everyone likes to fluff up their Facebook profile to encourage some new sparks. There’s just a right and wrong way to do it. Most importantly, don’t ever pretend that you’re seriously interested in something you’ve never even heard of because this new guy seems into it. That can lead to some awkward conversations when he starts asking you about it. You can absolutely expand your interests though. Let’s say you like being outdoors, for example. Just because your version of “being outdoors” is drinking wine and eating cheese at the closest park instead of hiking three miles every weekend doesn’t mean it’s a lie. You can also message him if you see something cool on his profile, like, “I loved that video you just posted — do you rock climb?” It can give you guys something to talk about and is a good way to further the conversation beyond a confirmed friend request.

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Robert Manni, Guy’s GuyThe dating game is thriving in the digital world, but if you want to win, get offline as quickly as possible. Most guys are not that savvy when it comes to reading between the lines of texts or e-mails, so as a relationship expert, I suggest you stay cool, but be clear about your intentions. A good way to take the connection offline is through finding common ground with a new connection. For example, you love margaritas, and he considers himself an expert on tequila. Bueno! Find a cool and conveniently located Mexican restaurant or bar that carries the good stuff and suggest meeting up to sample their Maestro Dobel reposado, don Julio 1942, or 7 Leguas Tequila Anejo. If you conduct a bit of research on something you both enjoy, most guys will appreciate the effort. And in this case, he’ll think you’re someone who has great taste in men and spirits

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