Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Bristol Palin Dating a Pipeline Worker?Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Bristol Palin Dating a Pipeline Worker?

Dancing with the Stars alum Bristol Palin has a new man in her life, but she isn’t revealing much, according to Digital Spy.  During an interview that aired on an Alaska radio station, all Palin would do is go along with the radio announcers assessment: “I’m seeing a guy and he’s really great and [son] Tripp loves him and we’re having a really good time and we’re really good friends.  Let’s go with that.” In response, Palin agreed, saying, “Yeah, we can go with that. I’m thrilled.”

What aspects of your relationship should you keep secret?

Cupid’s Advice:

Relationships have both a public and a private side.  It’s up to the couple in question to decide what goes public and what remains under wraps.  Here are some details you should probably keep to yourself:

1. Personal finances: Whether you as a couple are low on money or rolling in dough, your financial situation is no one else’s business.

2. Your sex life: When it comes to being intimate, keep it in between the sheets … or at least don’t over-share.

3. Deep issues: Your partner may share with you sad truths about his or her family dynamics or about other things that hurt him in the past.  Don’t spread it around.