Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Terrence Howard Splits from Wife No. 3Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Terrence Howard Splits from Wife No. 3

By Maria N. Capalbo

Oh no; not again! According to, celeb Terrence Howard has just gone threw his third celebrity divorce from ex-wife Mira Pak. Although they have a celebrity child together, Qirin Love, the couple has been separated from each other for awhile now. Howard is also going through some legal issues with his other ex-wife, Michelle Ghent. Hopefully Howard can get these situations straight, and reconcile these differences!

This celebrity divorce is really no surprise. How do you know whether to give marriage another shot post-divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes you may be hesitant to marry someone after a previous divorce. Cupid has some suggestions on how you know whether or not to give marriage another shot post-divorce below:

1. Everything feels right: It may be a good idea to finally move forward with someone if you feel right inside. If there are no red flags or feelings of discomfort, then you should move forward with this particular partner.

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2. No baggage from previous marriage: It is wise to move forward with your relationship and love life when you are not carrying around weight from a previous one. Once that is settled, you can then take care of the relationship you are in now, and focus on getting married.

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3. You are comfortable with yourself: Sometimes going through a divorce can really beat up your self-esteem. Make sure you are comfortable and confident with yourself before you promise yourself to another person. Work on bettering yourself before you really settle down again.

Wha are some ways you knew you could give marriage another shot post-divorce? Share below!