Cupid's Pulse Article: Even Jesse James Deserves a Second ChanceCupid's Pulse Article: Even Jesse James Deserves a Second Chance

Right now, it seems the internet is a buzz with the news of Jesse James and Kat Von D’s engagement.  I was fairly surprised at the intense debate their announcement fueled, but then I got to thinking about second chances and leaving the past in the past.  We all know what transpired between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock.  America’s sweetheart was left betrayed and left to adopt a son alone, so who wouldn’t be on her side?   Now there’s Jesse, the resident bad boy now starting a new life with Kat Von D, who is about as opposite from a Sandra Bullock type as you can get.  Same story, different couple.

The thing is, nobody really knows what goes on in a relationship, but the two people who are in it.  Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are no more, but does that mean that Jesse doesn’t deserve happiness with someone else?  I’m not saying Jesse and Kat will last forever, but who can you really say that about, as nothing in life is guaranteed, anyway?

People can change, although to what extent, nobody knows.   People also do really terrible things in relationships and hearts get broken … but life goes on and hearts continue to beat.   I don’t believe someone should be punished for the rest of their life after one mistake.  It’s so easy for us to write someone off as a horrible person; in fact, it’s too easy.  It’s more difficult to give someone the chance to redeem him or herself, and second chances can be so worth it.

Should Kat be aware of what she’s getting into?  Heck yes!  I am not suggesting one should disregard the past actions of another.  I’m fairly certain there are tons of people just waiting to tell her, “I told you so!”  But if it feels right in her heart, then really, who are we to judge?

Speaking of judgment, what do you guys think of this announcement?  Comment below.