Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennie Garth Planned Rustic-Chic Celebrity Wedding Without Wedding PlannerCupid's Pulse Article: Jennie Garth Planned Rustic-Chic Celebrity Wedding Without Wedding Planner

By Rebecca White

Jennie Garth has made the latest celebrity news again, and this time it’s for her celebrity wedding which we’ve all been celebrating this week. According to, Garth planned the entire affair by herself. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star, didn’t even have an event organizer helping her! Her groom, David Abrams, also took elements of the celebrity wedding into his own hands as well. Apparently, Abrams said vows to all three of Garth’s daughters before exchanging them with her. How cute is this Hollywood couple!

Celebrity weddings involve hands on work, but they aren’t all planned by the celebs involved like this one! What are some benefits to saying “no” to a wedding planner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although planning a wedding can be hard on a relationship and love, both you and your fiancé should have an active role in organizing the event. See below for our love advice on the benefits to saying “no” to a wedding coordinator:

1. Everything is how you want it: The best part of arranging the ceremony and reception yourself is that you truly know this will be the happiest day of your life. Everything from the decorations, to the DJ, to the vows will have your own mark on them and be unique to your nuptials.

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2. You’ll grow closer to your fiancé: If you’re meant to be together, then planning a wedding should be a breeze. There shouldn’t be much arguing or disagreeing throughout the process. Make sure you watch Bride Wars and learn from the characters mistakes.

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3. DIY projects: Being able to make your own decorations will not only save you money, but also be a lot of fun! You can have DIY parties where you make the center pieces, the flowers, etc. If Jennie Garth can make the chandeliers for her special day, so can you!

What do you think are benefits to saying “no” to a wedding planner? Comment below!