Cupid's Pulse Article: Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller Sign Divorce PapersCupid's Pulse Article: Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller Sign Divorce Papers

Two and Half Men actor Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller signed divorce agreement papers on June 15th, reported RadarOnlineTMZ reported that Sheen and Mueller will share joint custody of their one-year-old twins; Mueller will be granted primary custody, and Sheen will be given the first, third and fifth weekends of the month to see the boys.  Sheen and Mueller made a mutual agreement not to disclose information concerning past affairs and or alleged drug use, and agreed not to insult one another in front of their children.  The divorce agreement has yet to be filed in court.

What can you do to keep a divorce as peaceful as possible?

Cupid’s Advice:

Divorces will always be hard.  Here are some of Cupid’s tips to help ease the transition:

1. Accept your mistakes: Rather than playing the blame game, understand that both of you played a role in the failure of your marriage.  Owning up to your faults will also prevent unnecessary arguments.

2. Agree on space: After a divorce, both you and your ex need your personal space.  Only contact your ex-spouse if it’s absolutely necessary, or when it involves the children.

3. Leave the kids out: Your kids didn’t divorce your ex, so avoid discussing matters of opinion concerning it with your children.  Take a number from Sheen and Mueller, and avoid arguing with your ex when they’re around.  By avoiding trash talk and gossip, your children will continue loving and respecting each parent – just as they did before the divorce.