Cupid's Pulse Article: Sandra Bullock Denies Romance with Ryan ReynoldsCupid's Pulse Article: Sandra Bullock Denies Romance with Ryan Reynolds

Apparently, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are not “lovahs,” at least according to Bullock’s interview with Al Roker in an interview earlier this week.  The actors have been close friends for 10 years, but at this time in her life the only man Bullock looks forward to seeing at the end of her day is her son, Louis, according to People.   “I think there will be a collective sigh amongst women across the united States when I say he’s not my lovah,” she said.

How do you use humor to fend off relationship rumors?

Cupid’s Advice:

Constant pestering from family and friends about you potentially dating a close friend can get obnoxious.  That said, sometimes it’s best to combat those comments with humor:

1. Make a funny: If nobody believes your denial, give in and play along.  By giving dramatic fabricated details about a date that never happened, the topic will soon die out when friends finally get what they want, which is y0u discussing the “relationship.”

2. Do as Sandra does: Play light on the subject.  By saying something along the lines of, “I could only wish he’d take me out,” you acknowledge that you two aren’t dating and at the same time give the audience a mental picture of you two together.

3. Stay away from sarcasm: Although a dry joke may be your weapon of choice, take into consideration others’ feelings beforehand so you don’t offend anyone.  Only use sarcasm if you’re sure it will be well-received.