Cupid's Pulse Article: Latest Celebrity News: Liam Hemsworth Is Hooking Up with Co-Star Maika MonroeCupid's Pulse Article: Latest Celebrity News: Liam Hemsworth Is Hooking Up with Co-Star Maika Monroe

By Maria N. Capalbo

According to, the latest celebrity news is that celebs Liam Hemsworth and his co-star Maika Monroe were caught hooking up during this past holiday weekend! “His hand was on her butt as she was grinding into him and they were making out at the bar,” says an eyewitness at the Hollywood party about the potential new celebrity couple. They are not “Facebook official” yet, but the passion between the both of them is off the charts!

This latest celebrity news is swoon-worthy! What are some advantages to hooking up with a co-worker?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Dating someone you are working with can be dangerous, but also quite convenient, depending on what you both get yourselves into! Cupid has some advantages of hooking up with a co-worker below:

1. The commonalities: This makes for good conversation, out on a date or just for fun. Being that you work at the same place, you can always talk about what is going on together and maybe even help each other out with upcoming projects.

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2. Proximity: You never have to be curious about what they are doing because they work in the same place as you! You could even go out to lunch together if the timing is right, or meet up for a chat in your down time.

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3. Constructive criticism: If you are dating someone in your workplace, they can always tell you what you are doing wrong or right if they care deeply enough about you. They will tell you the truth while others may skirt around it.

What are some benefits of hooking up with a co-worker? Share your thoughts below!