Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrity Marriages That Are Rock SolidCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrity Marriages That Are Rock Solid

By Molly Jacob

With news of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s celebrity divorce, we’re wondering whether Hollywood relationships can really last through the fame, wealth, and stardom. Not all hope is lost! Some celebs still stay together through all the tabloid rumors, scandals, and ordeals. There are some celebrity marriages that have stood the test of time and stayed rock solid.

See what celebrity couples are still together and stronger than ever, and see what love advice they have for other couples!

1. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith:

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith met on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Pinkett Smith was auditioning for the role of Will’s girlfriend (a role that went to Nia Long). This celebrity couple got hitched in 1997 after two years of dating. The Smiths have raised celebs of their own in their celebrity marriage, with Willow and Jaden stealing the spotlight in many of Smith’s movies. As for love advice, Pinkett Smith said in an interview with Howard Stern, “We have traveled and you’ve gotta be strong. It takes work — you know that!”

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2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick:

These celebrity couple superstars have been together 18 years and have three children together. Broderick offered this love advice in an interview with E!: “Keep talking I guess, I know how cliché that is. Too much silence is definitely not a good idea.”

3. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill:

County music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill met while doing what they do best: while performing at an outdoor music festival. Hill broke off an engagement with producer Scott Hendricks and McGraw broke up with his girlfriend so that the pair could start dating and become the well-known Hollywood relationship they are today. Since their marriage in 1996, this celebrity couple has had three beautiful daughters. The country music celebs recently put to rest rumors that they were getting divorced.

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4. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson:

Hollywood superstars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson married in 1998 and have two kids together, Chester and Truman. When Wilson had a double mastectomy this past May, Hanks stayed by her side and took care of her throughout the whole ordeal. The celeb said in an interview with The New York Times that dealing with this brought this Hollywood relationship closer together.

5. John Travolta and Kelly Preston:

John Travolta and Kelly Preston met while filming The Experts in 1987 and married four years later. While many negative rumors have swirled around these celebs during the course of their marriage, they’ve managed to stay strong for the past 24 years. This celebrity marriage endured through many heartbreaking struggles, including their son’s tragic death in 2009.

What other celebrity marriages are rock solid? Let us know by commenting below!