Cupid's Pulse Article: Holly Madison Says Her Past As Playboy Bunny is Like “The Elephant in the Room That Never Goes Away”Cupid's Pulse Article: Holly Madison Says Her Past As Playboy Bunny is Like “The Elephant in the Room That Never Goes Away”

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Katelyn Di Salvo.

Holly Madison best known for being a former Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner’s #1 celebrity ex has written her first memoir titled ‘Down the Rabbit Hole.’ In the book, she speaks openly about her relationship with Hefner, the other girls in the house and her biggest life lessons. In our exclusive celebrity interview with the reality TV star, now author, she expresses that she wishes this book will help other young women in bad relationships and hopes they learn from her mistakes.

Reality TV star reflects on her past 

The former Girl Next Door has certainly moved on from her Playboy days. She has been married for two years and is mom to two-year-old daughter, Rainbow. Madison shared that she is happy to have such a supportive husband who is proud of her for telling her story.

After her celebrity break-up with celebrity ex Hefner, Madison did her best to stay quiet about her time in the mansion, “I didn’t want to talk about anything Playboy related because I felt like that was going back to it and I wanted to get away from it, but there is no getting away from it. It’s the elephant in the room that never goes away.”

It’s been seven years since she’s lived in the mansion and Madison now feels like she has a lot of hindsight behind her. This is why she decided to write the book now, “I have a lot more growth and insight as to what I was thinking at the time, and why I made some of the decisions I made, so I definitely wanted to share that with people.”

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Her Relationship with Celebrity Ex Hefner and the Other Girls

Madison was Hefner’s girl for seven years, and throughout that time, she felt like she did everything she could to make it work saying, “I always tried to make the best of the situation, you know, I always tried to do my best as a girlfriend and make that relationship work.”

Her celebrity ex, Hefner recently had something to say about the release of Madison’s memoir saying that she “chose to rewrite history” to “stay in the spotlight,” but Madison says that she didn’t have an ax to grind. She says she never wanted to hurt him or get a reaction from him, “He happens to be a big part of my life story, and I’m telling my story.”

Kendra Wilkinson- Baskett and Bridget Marquardt were also a part of Madison’s life story, both also being celebrity exes to Hefner. Madison describes her relationship with Bridget as a true friendship saying, “She was a really close friend to me the whole time I was in the mansion and really the only close friend and the only person I really ever confided in.”

Unfortunately her relationship with Kendra did not stay as tight. The two had a falling out, which Madison describes as “very dumb.” She is saddened that she is not as close with Kendra and said, “The relationships I had with the other girls are very important to me especially after I left the house, because we were the only ones that really shared that experience, and its an experience that weather you are ready to admit it or not, it’s a traumatic experience, but I think she’s still kind of more team Playboy and if that’s what she wants to be that’s fine.”

Overall Madison says Hefner “was lucky to have us” when reminiscing on her relationship with the Playboy founder.

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Holly Madison’s Biggest Life Lessons and Relationship Advice

When asked how she will share her past with her daughter, Madison thinks the book will be a great start! She hopes her book will inspire young girls to find healthy relationships and learn from her mistakes.  Madison strongly advises girls to find and love yourself before looking for love in someone else. “In a way its the worst advice because you can’t teach anybody how to do that, but it’s so important.”

Madison is hoping to write a second book on the topic of relationships and love, so be on the look out for that!