Cupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Are Facing Celebrity Marriage TroublesCupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Are Facing Celebrity Marriage Troubles

By: Maria N. Capalbo

According to, right before their 10th year anniversary, sources say that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have hit a rocky road. They also say that their kids are the only reason they have remained a celebrity couple this long! Affleck and Garner have attended years of therapy and have endured long separations from each other to keep their celebrity marriage afloat. They both have come very far, and hopefully they keep things together!

We hope this celebrity marriage will last! What are some ways to work on fixing your marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

Once you say “I do”, you promise to be there for your partner through sickness, health, and disagreement. Sometimes, those disagreements can escalate to bigger problems. Cupid has a few pieces of love advice to work on fixing your marriage:

1. Talk it out: In most cases, talking it out goes a long way instead of just remaining silent about your problems. Some people think it is okay to just keep quiet about their feelings thinking it will just disappear, but the longer you wait to express yourself, the more problems you run into!

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2. Counseling: It is nice to have a median between you and your partner. Seeking a counselor is not the end of your relationship, it just gives another outside ear to listen to the problems between you two. Marriage counselors can really help a great deal!

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3. Giving space: Sometimes space is not a bad thing. Giving your partner time to think and calm down in tense situations may be the best option. Get some space, calm down, and return to the issue once you’ve both relaxed.

What are some ways you’ve fixed your marriage? Comment below!