Cupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift Throws Star-Studded Celebrity Baby Shower for Jaime KingCupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift Throws Star-Studded Celebrity Baby Shower for Jaime King

By: Maria N. Capalbo

According to E!, Taylor Swift threw a huge celebrity baby shower bash for her best friend Jaime King. The shower took place in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 14th. The guests included celebs like Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, Selma Blair, Sarah Hyland and more! They all had a great time in the dress-up photo booth. King told E!, “I always thought if I were to have another child that Taylor would be the ideal godmother because the way she not only treats me but the way she treats other human beings.” This celebrity baby has the best Godmother someone could ask for! King also believes her BFF Swift will be a great role model!

This soon-to-be celebrity baby is already being celebrated!  What are some ways to make a baby shower unique?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby shower really kicks off the new chapter in your life of welcoming a new member to the family! Cupid has some love advice on how to get creative with your baby shower:

1. Advice needed: Have your guests write down “need-to-know” parenting tips or even just some words of wisdom. Put all the information you have gotten from your guests into one big scrapbook or journal to keep forever!

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2. Brunch it up: Celebrate your baby shower at a nice venue that serves delicious breakfast, omelettes, pancakes, french toast, and bacon. Fill your guests’ stomachs up with greatness just like yours is! When they leave, they will be completely satisfied.

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3. Shower fortune: Have the guests guess your baby’s name and gender by playing a homemade version of Wheel of Fortune! Buy vowels, spin the wheel, and have a great time with everyone. Be sure to create teams, and whoever wins get to eat the cake first!

What are some ways you’ve celebrated your baby shower? Comment below!