Cupid's Pulse Article: Nicki Minaj Fires Back at Celebrity Ex Safaree Samuels After He Releases Telling SingleCupid's Pulse Article: Nicki Minaj Fires Back at Celebrity Ex Safaree Samuels After He Releases Telling Single

By Jenna Bagcal

When a bad break up happens, there are sure to be bitter feelings. In the case of celebrity exes, the negative feelings often go public. According to the latest celebrity news from eonline.comrapper Safaree Samuels aired out the dirty laundry about his break-up with ex-fiance Nicki Minaj. Samuels released his single “Love the Most” in which he rapped about his 12-year relationship with his former flame. Minaj took to Twitter to respond to her ex saying, “God gave me a good heart. I always let ppl get over on me way too long. But that’s why I’m blessed. I’ll always b blessed. May God keep u.”

These celebrity exes have taken a bitter turn. What do you do if a former flame puts you on blast?

Cupid’s Advice: 

After a 12-year relationship, drama is surrounding these celebrity exes. While publicly putting an ex on blast is common for famous couples, there are many reasons you should avoid doing it yourself. Here are some of Cupid’s tips for what to do if a former flame is engaging in this negative behavior:

1. Be the bigger person: Public retaliation for an ex flame calling you out may feel great at the moment, but will ultimately end in resentment. If your former partner is spreading malicious rumors or talking about your personal business on social media, refrain from doing the same and be the bigger person. As the old adage goes: “Don’t fight fire with fire.”

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2. Talk it out: Misunderstandings and hurt feelings often happen when there is a lack of communication. To combat all the negativity, suggest to your ex that you sit down and have a civilized conversation about the current issues in your relationship. Saying what you feel and listening to what the other person has to say can prevent future problems from occurring.

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3. Find your personal release for your feelings: When you find out that an ex has been talking about your relationship in a public setting, your first reaction might be anger. Instead of acting rashly, find your release for the anger and frustration caused by the gossip being spread. Write in a journal, talk to your best friend, or take up kickboxing. These physical and emotional releases can help you to rid yourself of pent up negative feelings.

What should you do if an ex calls you out in public? Comment below!