Cupid's Pulse Article: Singer Colbie Caillat Celebrates Celebrity Engagement to Longtime Love Justin YoungCupid's Pulse Article: Singer Colbie Caillat Celebrates Celebrity Engagement to Longtime Love Justin Young

By Katie Gray

He makes her want to say “I do”! Singer Colbie Caillat is officially engaged to her longtime boyfriend Justin Young. The celebrity couple announced their celebrity engagement via Caillat’s Instagram account. According to, “The “Try” singer, who celebrated her 30th birthday on May 28, tweeted a photo of herself on a boat with longtime love Justin Young, a fellow musician. In the pic, a ring is just barely visible on her left hand, which rests affectionately on Young’s shoulder.” She made it cute with a Friends quote to announce it by saying, “This sweet man asked me to be his lobster…And I said yes.” It seemingly alluded to the episode where Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) tells Ross (David Schwimmer) that Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is his lobster. (According to her, lobsters “fall in love and mate for life,” and then walk around their tank “holding claws.”)

This singer used a Friends quote to announce her celebrity engagement. What are some other ways to use pop culture to announce something special?

Cupid’s Advice:

People seem to be getting more and more unique when it comes to announcing special life events. Cupid has some ways to use pop culture to showcase your news. Check out the love advice:

1. Photo op: There’s nothing like a cute photo op when it comes to the announcement of something special happening in your life. Mimic the paparazzi, and post some candid shots on your social media accounts! A picture truly is worth a thousand words, so capture your moment with a photo, and cherish it forever.

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2. Surprise party: Not everyone likes a surprise, but most people do. Surprise your family and friends with the announcement by throwing a surprise party. It can be a theme party featuring something you love currently in pop culture. You cannot go wrong with a celebration, especially when it is themed!

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3. Express yourself: Whether it’s an annoucement of an engagement, arrival of a baby, upcoming birthday, graduation or a job promotion, why not send out a beautiful announcement to your loved ones? Design the keepsake around your personality and the occasion. The receivers will get a smile and a laugh out of it. It’s good to keep everyone you care about updated on your life! Take a page from Colbie Caillat and quote your favorite movie or TV show in the announcement.

What are some other ways to incorporate pop culture into your big announcements? Share your ideas below.