Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 10 Signs of Cheating You Need To KnowCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 10 Signs of Cheating You Need To Know

By Molly Jacob

Most people have either had a partner cheat on them, cheated on someone, or knows someone who has been cheated on. While you of course hope that your partner will always be faithful, you never know when infidelity might strike your relationship and love life. If that happens, you’ll want all the dating and relationship advice you can get.

Check out Cupid’s 10 signs of cheating that you need to know!

1. Focus on appearance: With any long-term relationship, you start to care less and less about your appearance because you both have seen each other at your worst. But you’ve noticed that your partner has started caring more about their physique, and less about what you think about their looks. This could be a sign that they’re looking their best for someone else.

2. Less sexual intimacy: There are many reasons why someone could have a reduced libido, but classic relationship advice says that if your partner suddenly becomes less interested in being intimate with you, it could be because they’re interested in being intimate with someone else.

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3. More interest in sex: On the opposite end of this extreme, your cheating partner could suddenly have more of a sex drive. Your partner might be acting differently in bed or have a new confidence you haven’t seen since you two started dating. While spicing up your sex life can be a good thing with relationships and love, sometimes it may mean something more.

4. Using technology more: Once your honey barely knew how to work his or her new iPhone. Now they have complicated pass codes on their phones and you notice mysterious apps or new email accounts. These may be a sign that your partner is hiding something from you using technology. While it may be tempting to look through their phone, some good dating advice is to make sure you talk to them about your infidelity suspicions before violating their privacy.

5. A need for privacy: Sure, alone time is important for relationships and love. But if your partner suddenly needs to take phone calls in the bathroom or goes on many errands alone, this could be another sign that he or she is seeing someone else.

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6. Spends more time at work: If your significant other has become more interested in his or her work life than your relationship, this might be a sign of infidelity. Of course, your partner could be spending more time at the office because they have a promotion coming up or a difficult project they’re working on. But more “business trips” and late nights at the office could actually be a sign that they’re seeing someone else, especially if they’re reluctant to tell you what exactly they’re doing at the office so late at night.

7. Becomes suspicious of you: If your spouse or partner is cheating on you, they might become accusatory and accuse you of being unfaithful. This could be his or her own guilt about cheating manifesting itself in anger. We often, in the area of relationships and love, project our own feelings onto others.

8. Picks fights easily: If your spouse or significant other has been getting angry with you recently and picking fights frequently, they might be causing this relationship trouble because of the guilt they feel. You should especially be suspicious if they pick fights just so they can leave the house.

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9. Secretive with financial information: Your significant other was once open with his or her bank accounts but has recently become more private about their spending. This could be a sign that they are buying gifts for someone they are seeing on the side. Dating advice: be especially suspicious if they act strange or offended when you ask to see their credit card bills, because they could be hiding something.

10. Acting strange: When you date someone for many months or even years, you start to expect a certain behavior of someone. So when they start to stray from this, you can start to get suspicious. Relationship advice: trust in your intuition. If they start acting differently, then there might be something going on. But never jump to conclusions. If you suspect your partner might be unfaithful, make sure you talk to him or her before becoming upset. As many signs as you find, there might be a simple explanation for your significant other’s behaviors.

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