Cupid's Pulse Article: Kanye West Sends Celebrity Love Kim Kardashian Gushing Anniversary Twitter Message One Day LateCupid's Pulse Article: Kanye West Sends Celebrity Love Kim Kardashian Gushing Anniversary Twitter Message One Day Late

By Meranda Yslas

Just one year ago the famous couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot and the two professed their celebrity love toward each other online as the anniversary approached. According to, the day following the anniversary, May 25, the rapper tweeted to his reality star wife, “Kim, I’m so happy to be married to the girl of my dreams. I love you and Nori so much!!! I would find you in any lifetime.” The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star couldn’t keep her celebrity love private either, she responded to her husband’s tweet with, “Awwww baby I love you so much!!!!!! I would find you too! Anywhere!!!!!”

This celebrity love has no bounds! What are some ways to make your wedding anniversary special?

Cupid’s Advice:

Wedding anniversaries should be a day filled with love and appreciation. You and your partner made it another year together-that’s something worth celebrating! Here are a few tips to make your anniversary one to remember:

1. Make a scrapbook: Making a scrapbook is a fun and easy way to relive some of the memories you two created over the year. Dig in your storage boxes, drawers and garage to find some photos or keepsakes that remind you of some of the great times together.

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2. A night out on the town: Anniversaries only come once a year, so why not make it a good one! You and your lover can dress up and eat at the fancy restaurant that just opened in town or go out dancing. Do the things that you always want to do, but normally feel that you don’t have the time.

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3. Relive in the past: Anniversaries are a day of looking back and remembering all the fond memories you two created throughout your romantic relationship. Recreate your first date or cook a meal you two had when you first started dating.

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversaries? Share below.