Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: You Love It, He Loves It NotCupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: You Love It, He Loves It Not

By Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher for Project Soulmate

It’s no secret that opposites attract. But what happens when you and your partner have hobbies that clash? As relationship experts, we know that every healthy relationship and love should revolve around compromise. That means that, if your partner loves something that you have no interest in, you need to make an effort to learn about it and show them that you care. Per our love advice, if your partner loves sports and you don’t know what team goes with football or basketball, you can still go to a few games with them. In return, they can see some Broadway shows with you. Don’t forget that compromise is a two-way street!

Love Advice About Compromise From Elite Matchmakers

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Our love advice is to show your partner that you are making an effort to learn about and try things that are important to them as an individual. After all, you don’t want to change them and make the person that you love give up their interests. By learning about each other’s hobbies, you are showing your partner how much you love them and also creating new and exciting ways for you to spend time together. You don’t have to love or even enjoy all of the activities that your partner does, but you will enjoy spending the time with them.

With that said, it’s also important to give your partner space once in a while to do what they love on their own or with their buddies. You’re both individuals who had lives before your relationship, and it’s important for you to maintain those friendships and hobbies outside of your romantic partnership. For example, if your significant other loves scary movies and you can’t sit through one without screaming and crying, encourage your partner to see the latest horror flick with their friends. By following our expert dating advice and being the one to suggest it, you’re showing that you’re aware of their interests and also that you’re able to trust them and give them space.

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So when it comes to finding your soulmate, don’t get hung up on your differences. It’s okay not to share all the same interests as your partner. When you’re in love, you’ll want to learn about all of your honey’s hobbies and spend time enjoying them with them — even though they may not have been at the top of your to-do list. Learning about your partner’s interests allows you to expand your horizons, break out of your comfort zone, and try new things that you may have not otherwise tried…which allows you both to grow as individuals and a couple.

Relationship experts Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher are BRAVO TV’s Love Brokers and founders of Project Soulmate, a high-end New York-based matchmaking company.