Cupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad Said She’s Not Rushing to Have Celebrity BabiesCupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad Said She’s Not Rushing to Have Celebrity Babies

By Jessica DeRubbo

This newlywed celebrity couple aren’t planning for celebrity babies anytime soon! Lauren Conrad and William tell celebrated their celebrity marriage in September 2014, and it looks like things are going extremely well. Conrad told that being married to Tell has been “wonderful.” She added, “I haven’t gotten any big surprises yet. It’s been wonderful so far.” Regarding having kids, she said, “No one is pushing. We’re still in the first year of marriage. We’re just enjoying it.”

Not every star is in a hurry to have celebrity babies! What are some reasons to wait to have children?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some people are really in a rush to have kids after they get married, and the more power to them! We aren’t all in that frame of mind, though, and there are plenty of reasons to hold off on having kids at first. Cupid has some insight:

1. Financial security: Before bringing a child into the world, you want to make sure you can provide for him or her. If you’re not where you want to be financially yet, then take some time to build up a foundation. Once you feel secure, consider adding to your family.

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2. Solid relationship foundation: Sure, your relationship is secure enough to get married, but as the say, the first year of marriage can be tough. Make sure that you’ve made your marriage work before adding any undo stress to the relationship and love by having a kid. The last thing you want to happen is incessant fighting around your new baby.

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3. Have fun: The most basic reason to wait a while before having children is to take some time for fun! Once you have a child, it’s a definite lifestyle change. Where most people find it worth it, that doesn’t mean you have to feel bad about waiting to start a family for a little while. Take some time to travel and enjoy your relationship, and have kids when you’re ready.

What are some other reasons to wait to have children? Share your thoughts below.