Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: How to Get Out of the Friend ZoneCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

By Molly Jacob

You go to the movies together, you grab lunch all the time, and you two know each other’s secrets. You want to take your friendship to the next level of relationships and love, but that’s all you are – just friends. Sound familiar? If so, you may be stuck in the “friend zone.” Being in the friend zone means that you are romantically interested in someone who just views you as a friend.

See what dating advice Cupid has to help you get out of the friend zone!

1. Evaluate your relationship.
If you two are friends, there must be a reason why you two get along. You probably have similar interests or senses of humor, so you could have a chance of finding love in your friendship. But really take a look at your friendship and figure out why your romantic interest only views you as a friend. Does he talk to you about all the other girls he finds attractive? Does she tell you in great detail about all the dates she’s been on? He or she may simply view you as a confidant, not someone they could imagine themself dating. Dating advice: show how you can be more than just a friend! Show your friend a different side of yourself; it’s always good love advice to show your best self to those you want to pursue.

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2. Say how you feel.
This may be the hardest but also more important part of getting out of the friend zone. You may think you’ve been dropping hints here and there that demonstrate your affection, but you can’t assume that your friend knows about your crush unless you tell him or her yourself. Let your friend know that you have been thinking of them less as just a friend recently and more in the area of relationships and love. Once you admit your feelings, give your friend plenty of time to process your love confession because it may be a shock to them.

3. Be your own person.
So you’ve admitted your feelings to your crush and you’re giving them time to process this change in your relationship. Don’t let that stop you from living your life! It’s known love advice that people are attracted to others who seem to be having fun with their lives, instead of waiting around and being clingy. Go hiking with friends and go out to eat downtown instead of just waiting by the phone for your friend to call you. Show your friend that you have your own life, and that they’d be lucky to be a part of it!

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4. Accept your friend’s feelings.
As much as you want to take this friendship to the next level, you two may just not be meant to be. Don’t be upset if your crush doesn’t want to date you – you may not be their type or they might not be looking for a relationship at all. Devote your romantic energies pursuing other people in your life and look for relationships and love elsewhere. Dating advice: don’t get hung up on just one unrequited love. They’re probably missing out by not dating you!

Have you ever gotten out of the friend zone? What advice helped you? Let us know by commenting below!