Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 15, Episode 2: The Claws Are Out!Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 15, Episode 2: The Claws Are Out!

By Krissy Dolor

We knew the niceties would only last so long.

Last night’s second episode of ABC’s The Bachelor brought all the makings of good reality TV: drama, tears and of course, a few make-out sessions.  But what really stole the show was the on-going fight between Melissa and Raichel.  But let’s get to that later.

Bubbly Ashley H. was the lucky girl who snagged Brad Womack’s first solo date – and the first rose.  He took her to a brightly-lit carnival filled with fun rides, games and mmm, cotton candy.  “I feel like I’m a kid again,” she exclaimed.

Despite the playful and casual setting, something about Ashley H. got Brad to open up.  Her difficult past is strikingly similar to Brad’s (absent father, raised by their mothers, trust issues), which made it easy for him to confide in her.  “Three years ago, I would not have answered these questions,” he said.  “I feel like I can breathe.”

The date included the obligatory Ferris wheel ride, where the two showed each other just how connected they felt with a few steamy kisses.  Brad made a smart choice in picking Ashley H. as his first date.  Their connection was obvious, and his ability to share something personal straight off the bat was a good sign.

However, Ashley H. wasn’t the only one who got some alone time with the bachelor.  Jackie, the artist from Rhode Island, received the best date ever known to mankind (guys, are you listening?): an entire day with Brad, which started off with a trip to the spa (complete with white, plushy robes); a full makeover, including a brand new sparkly dress, shoes – oh, and hair and makeup, too; and dinner at a completely empty Hollywood Bowl, with a sign at the entrance that said, “For Jackie, Love Brad.”

I know what you’re all thinking – isn’t it a bit early to be throwing that word around?  I thought that too, but let’s not forget that this is reality TV and Brad pretty much needs to fall in love with someone this season (and says he already has – SPOILER ALERT!).  But what really got to me (and made me jealous as hell) was when Train came out and serenaded them with a private concert.  Swoon much?  The couple slow danced to “Marry Me” under the dim, cool-blue lights of the stage.  Could the song choice be a sign?  Or is Train coming out with a new single?

But the scene-stealers of last night’s episode were drama-mamas Raichel, Melissa and Michelle.  Melissa’s scene-stealing kiss during the group date while filming the public service announcement for the American Red Cross, and her constant back-and-forth with Melissa, not only affected them, but the entire house as well.  In addition, Melissa’s declaration that she bought new clothes and quit her job to be on the show, while probably isn’t uncommon in the grand scheme of Bachelor history, was a little unnerving to hear.  And because the two women were being immature (which Brad, the whole house, and even Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez, who came back to help Brad, saw), they both failed to receive a rose.

However, the most annoying woman (even though she acted more like a whiny teen) of the night was Michelle.  She turned 30 on the day of the group date with 14 other women, and she was not happy about it – and definitely wasn’t afraid to let everyone know.  Not only did she stalk off set during filming, causing Brad to chase after her, she also grabbed him for some one-on-one time before the rose ceremony – even though already got a rose.  While you have to admire any woman who knows exactly what she wants, there’s something about Michelle (who I admit, had liked initially) that’s off-putting.  The sad part is that Brad can’t seem to see that (at least, not yet), and so she remains in the competition.  Let’s see how long it takes for Michelle’s nastiness to make an appearance in front of Brad, who is still enamored by her silky hair and toned arms.

Last night we also said good-bye to an early favorite, Keltie, but Emily is still in the game, as is Madison (still waiting to see what the hype is about this one).  Next week’s episode looks even more dramatic than last night’s, if possible – including a possible bachelorette walk-off.  Needless to say, we can’t wait!  Remember to visit us each week for Bachelor coverage.  Until next time, keep those claws in!