Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘American Idol’ Eliminated Finalist Rayvon Owen Says Love “Is the Most Universal Thing”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘American Idol’ Eliminated Finalist Rayvon Owen Says Love “Is the Most Universal Thing”

By Jenna Bagcal

Rayvon Owen has been referred to as “the comeback kid” during his time on American Idol. The Richmond, Virginia native was a finalist on the hit reality TV show and lived up to his moniker every week. Although he was consistently in the bottom two, he was saved by the fans and made it to the final four. He says that being able to redeem himself each week “brought out a fight in me that I didn’t know I had.” In this celebrity interview, Owen talks about his relationships with his mom and God and what he’s looking forward to in the near future.

American Idol Contestant Opens Up About His Relationship and Love

Owen says that his favorite topic to sing about is love. “I think it’s the most universal thing and is a language that everyone can relate to and understand,” he explains. During his performance of “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo, the singer had someone in mind to make the delivery of the love song convincing: “It’s nothing serious right now. I’m not in a relationship or anything, but I was thinking about someone.”

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However, Owen says that it is difficult to balance romantic relationships while pursuing a career in the music industry, but he’s open to finding someone special once things calm down. “Before the show, I was in a relationship, and it’s tough,” the singer reveals. “It’s hard for me to even take care of myself, let alone truly dedicate myself to someone else. But since I am a lover and am someone who connects with people, that’s something that’s on my radar.”

Although the performer predominantly sings about love, he says that his songwriting process stems from different experiences in his life. “Sometimes, it comes in a melody or a groove, and I just spring out random words and feelings. Sometimes, it’s a little more intimate and specific…like I had a sucky break-up, and there is one new emotion that I’m feeling, so how can I portray that in a song?” he says. “Other times, there are some songs that are just there after I’ve woken up. That’s happened a few times.”

Reality TV Star Discusses His Relationship With His Mom and God

The American Idol contestant credits his great success to both his mother and God. “I’ve always wanted to make my mom proud and thank her for all her hard work and sacrifice that she’s made for me,” he shares. “Honestly, I would not be here if it wasn’t for her pushing me and making sacrifices like sending me off on all those trips, rehearsals, and lessons. She sacrificed what she had and what she didn’t have for me and my sister to give us an equal opportunity, even when we were in a situation where we wouldn’t necessarily have that opportunity.”

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Owen adds that God has had the most important role in his life and career. “I could have not done this without God. I pray every single day. I never prayed to win the competition; I just prayed that God’s will be done and that His light will shine through me,” he says. “I think that what He has in store for me is amazing, and I hope that I can inspire people as well.”

In addition to having a thriving singing career, Owen hopes to get into acting in the near future. He says that his perfect project would be a movie or a show where he could incorporate singing and acting. “I would love to appear on Empire — I love that show! Or have a similar moment like Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls,” he shares.

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