Cupid's Pulse Article: Matthew McConaughey Credits Celebrity Wife Camila Alves for His HappinessCupid's Pulse Article: Matthew McConaughey Credits Celebrity Wife Camila Alves for His Happiness

By Meranda Yslas

Working in Hollywood isn’t an easy task. There are long hours, meaning sometimes you will be away for weeks or months at a time. For Matthew McConaughey, he is able to endure this thanks to his celebrity wife Camila Alves. According to E! Online.comthe actor shared, “Now I get to wake up next to someone who I know loves me the way she does-my wife-who gave birth to our three beautiful, healthy children.” Being a celeb and a parent can be tough, but the Dallas Buyers Club star hopes that it will be a learning experience for his kids. “What they learned is not that if you go to work you get a trophy, but if you do something really good today, you can be rewarded for it later.”

This celebrity wife sure isn’t lacking an appreciative husband! What are some ways to show your thanks to your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s not only celebrity wives who get praised; all partners should! When you’ve been in a relationship and love for a while, it can be hard to think of new ways to show your partner that you appreciate them. Here is Cupid’s love advice on showing thanks to your beau:

1. Pen and paper: With sending a quick email or text becoming the new norm, hand written letters are becoming obsolete. Break out the stationary set, and write your partner a sweet love letter, including how much you appreciate them. This small gesture can meant a lot.

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2. Return the favor: One way you can show your partner that you appreciate them is by doing a random act of kindness. Surprise them with a special cooked dinner one evening or offer to take the kids to school even if it’s their turn.

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3. Saying ‘Thank you’: While in a romantic relationship, sometimes the words ‘thank you’ are forgotten. Show your mate that you do notice them by simply saying aloud why you appreciate them. Just hearing those words can make your partner feel good.

How do you show your partner that you appreciate them? Share below!