Cupid's Pulse Article: Reality Star Bill Rancic Defends Wife Giuliana Rancic After ‘Fashion Police’ ControversyCupid's Pulse Article: Reality Star Bill Rancic Defends Wife Giuliana Rancic After ‘Fashion Police’ Controversy

By Maggie Manfredi

They don’t call them partners for nothing! According to, The season one Apprentice winner Bill Rancic spoke out on the recent drama pertaining to the comments made by his celebrity wife on Fashion Police. Reality star Giuliana Rancic got some serious heat for her comments made around Zendaya’s hair at the Oscars. She said that the dreadlock look might smell like patchouli oil…or weed. Later she came forward clarifying this was a hippie joke, but ultimately the damage was done and the Rancics decided to ride out the storm. Bill spoke to their celebrity marriage during the chaos, saying, “We made a plan. We were gonna just kinda weather it. We’ve got a strong marriage. We love each other. And we knew that she didn’t do anything wrong. And obviously these situations bring us closer together. They can either tear you apart or bring you closer together, and we’re a team.”

These reality stars are sticking up for one another. How do you stand up for your partner in important situations?

Cupid’s Advice:

This reality star power couple really shows how partners can be stronger together. Cupid has some ideas on how you can be there for your partner:

1. Be a listener: Whether it’s a bad day at work or family problems it is important to be the rock for your partner. Let them vent, let them release fully so they know you are there and supporting.

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2. Take a back seat: Sometimes even when your partner is in a negative light it can still be in there best interest for you to back down. Bill could have jumped all over the press and fought for Giuliana but instead he let her make a statement and he waited until the storm blew over to comment.

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3. Say I love you: One of the best ways to protect and aide your partner is to show them unconditional love. No matter what happens or what battles you face, face them together…and say I love you every day.

How are you there for the people you love? Share your trials and teamwork below!