Cupid's Pulse Article: Kate Middleton and Prince William Introduce Royal Celebrity Baby to FamilyCupid's Pulse Article: Kate Middleton and Prince William Introduce Royal Celebrity Baby to Family

By Jenna Bagcal

It’s a girl! According to celebrity news from, Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed a baby girl to the royal family. On Sunday, May 3, the famous couple introduced Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to their family members and friends, including Prince Charles and Pippa Middleton. The newborn celebrity baby and younger sister to Prince George has yet to meet her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen will reportedly meet her great-granddaughter when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge settle in their country home in Amner Hall.

The new royal celebrity baby is already making the rounds. What are some creative ways to introduce your baby to friends and family?

Cupid’s Advice: 

The birth of a new baby is undoubtedly an exciting time for all parents. Whether or not you’re the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announcing the birth or your celebrity baby, Cupid has some fun ways for you to introduce your baby to friends and family:

1. Send out birth announcements: A birth announcement is a fun and personal way to tell all of your closest family and friends about your new baby. There are websites like or where you can customize and purchase inexpensive birth announcements, complete with information and a photograph of your little angel.

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2. Set up a mass video chat: For those family members who are across the country, or are in a different country altogether, video chats are a great way for family to see your newborn baby in action. Set up a date when your out-of-town relatives can sit down to video chat with you and your baby to give them a more intimate experience.

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3. Have a small get together: Once you and your little bundle of joy are situated at home, think about inviting your closest friends and family over for a “meet the baby” get together. Serve a few light snacks and beverages and show off your baby and the dozens of pictures you’ve already taken to your loved ones.

How would you introduce your new baby to family and friends? Tell us your fun and creative ideas!