Cupid's Pulse Article: Famous Couple Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Become Celebrity ExesCupid's Pulse Article: Famous Couple Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Become Celebrity Exes

By Jenna Bagcal

Not all celebrity relationships have fairytale endings. In the latest celebrity news reported in UsMagazine.comfamous couple Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn ended their three-year relationship, as confirmed on Vonn’s Facebook account. The celebrity exes seem to have had an amicable celebrity break-up, with Vonn saying she will always “admire and respect” Woods and that she will always hold him and his family in her heart.

Famous couple no more! What are some ways to minimize gossip surrounding a break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether it’s between a pair of celebrity exes, or you and your ex flame, breaking up can be a tough thing in terms of rumors coming from numerous “sources.” But don’t worry! Cupid has some tips to reduce or avoid the gossip completely:

1. Don’t post things on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media are the last places you want to turn after a break-up, because you never know who’s lurking on your pages. Instead of writing long, sappy posts about how you miss your ex or re-Tweeting break-up Tweets, refrain from posting your relationship details on social media completely. Posting things on social media will only add fuel to the gossip fire.

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2. Delete toxic people: Despite your best efforts, word may still get out about your break-up. Then the next thing you know, your frenemy from college is posting subliminal Tweets about how your ex “can do better.” If toxic people are posting things they have no knowledge about, delete them from your social media outlets to keep gossip and drama to a minimum.

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3. Talk to family and close friends: To make sure that people know your side of the break-up story, talk to your family and close friends about it. If you and your ex have been in a longterm relationship, the people close to you might be inclined to talk about the cause of the break-up. Setting the record straight for them, or even letting them know to respect your break-up by not talking about it will help stave off any rumors.

How do you reduce the amount of gossip after a break-up? Share your thoughts below.