Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Expert Shares Must-Dos for Career WomenCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Expert Shares Must-Dos for Career Women

By Sandra Fidelis

What’s a driven career woman to do when she’s looking for a relationship and love life while simultaneously balancing the demands of a busy professional life? Some say that dating is like having a second job, but your journey to love doesn’t have to feel like a burden.

Relationship Expert Shares Must-Dos for Career Women Looking for Relationships and Love

Hilary Duff, star of the series Younger, is now a single celebrity mom after her separation from husband, Mike Comrie. Duff is in the process of reviving her acting career after taking some time off to start a family. But now that she’s back on the market as a single celebrity and career woman, what can she and other singles like her do to meet a great guy? Sandra Fidelis, a relationship expert, says that there are four must-dos for a career woman to fnd love again:

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1. Expand your social circle – It may be difficult for you to expand your social circle. Maybe you have a great set of friends and co-workers that you hang out with on a regular basis and there are no eligible men available. Well, if you’re not meeting many any bachelors through your current circle of friends, you should find ways to branch out and do activities or join clubs where you don’t know anyone. This is the best way to increase your opportunity to meet Mr. Right. 

2. Focus on self-care – It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and let your self-care routine fall by the wayside. Taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit will make you much more attractive to men and you’ll look and feel great. Hilary Duff recently showed off her toned body in Shape magazine where she talked about how she stays in shape by switching up her exercise routine. Take a hint from this single celebrity! Your self-care routine should definitely include some regular exercises that you find enjoyable. In addition, yoga, meditation or regular massages are great ways to unwind and connect with your magnetic feminine energy.

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3. Take part in activities you enjoy – You can expand your social circle and meet new people by taking part in activities you love. If you’re a busy woman whose main focus is work, you’ll be able to connect with other like-minded people (including men) and it will also allow you to cultivate a richer and more enjoyable life – which makes you a more attractive woman.

4. Try online dating or work with a matchmaker – Many women cringe at the thought of going online to meet a partner, but if you’re a busy career woman looking for a committed relationship and love life, going online or hiring a professional to introduce you to potential matches may be an effective way to meet people you may never have the chance of meeting otherwise. Take Duff for example, it’s recently been reported that the starlet took to Tinder. Although many think it’s a fake account (and it may very well be), celebrities are no strangers to using a more discrete method such as a matchmaker and “outsourcing” their dating search. You might consider getting online or outsourcing your love life too if your career demands make it hard for you to meet great men.

Sandra Fidelis is a relationship expert, best-selling author and speaker with a great talent for helping single women get off the dating merry-go-round and finally meet the right man.