Cupid's Pulse Article: Miley Cyrus Is ‘Hanging Out’ With Celebrity Ex Liam Hemsworth Post-Split from Patrick SchwarzeneggerCupid's Pulse Article: Miley Cyrus Is ‘Hanging Out’ With Celebrity Ex Liam Hemsworth Post-Split from Patrick Schwarzenegger

By Meranda Yslas

Love may be rekindling for this former celebrity couple! According to UsMagazine.comsinger Miley Cyrus and her celebrity ex, Liam Hemsworth, have been hanging out in L.A. together. A source close to the Hunger Games star reveals that “dating could definitely happen.” Cyrus recently broke up with Patrick Schwarzenegger, who she had been dating for five months. The two went through a celebrity break-up after Schwarzenegger was caught flirting and doing body shots off another girl in Mexico.

It looks like these celebrity exes are amicable! What are some factors to consider before seeking comfort from your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

After experiencing a break-up, it can be hard trying to figure out where you stand with your ex. Are you two able to be friends again or has that relationship been deemed irreconcilable? Just like Cyrus has confided in her celebrity ex, here are a few tips to consider before reaching out to a past lover:

1. Possibility of platonic: Before you begin any type of relationship with your ex, you must be prepared for it to only amount to a friendship-nothing more.That way you won’t get your hopes up if a romantic relationship isn’t a possibility.

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2.Time: Make sure enough time has past between the rekindling of the relationship and the break-up. If it was a particularly nasty break-up, more time is probably needed for wounds to heal.

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3. Start off slow: Before you pick up or phone and give your former mate a call, understand that your relationship isn’t going to be exactly the same as it was before. Start off the conversation casual and friendly to test the waters before diving into heavy or serious topics.

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