Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William at War with the Queen Over Wedding PlansCupid's Pulse Article: Prince William at War with the Queen Over Wedding Plans

By Vicky Sullivan of

According to E! Online, the War of the Roses has once again taken to the British Isles.  After details of the much-anticipated royal wedding between Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton were announced, Queen Elizabeth II was less than enthused.  In fact, she was livid.  Apparently, her royal highness learned of her grandson’s wedding plans just as the rest of us did, by watching the news.  The traditional matriarch steeped in the tradition of the British crown was enraged at the couple’s plans for Middleton to arrive at Westminster Abbey in a car rather than the traditional horse drawn carriage.  According to witnesses of her breakdown, the Queen made it very clear that buffets have no place at Buckingham Palace.  Though the royal wedding craze rightfully glamorizes Prince William and Middleton as the world’s most fascinating couple, this family feud makes the impending royal wedding almost familiar.  As the bride and groom stress over the guest list, an overbearing grandmother has already pulled the plug on their breakfast buffet and dance party.  Royalty or not, weddings can be a royal pain. Perhaps, the couple should do away with their trendy plans or it’s off with their heads.  Plus, the Tower of London isn’t much of a honeymoon suite!

How do you keep your family from messing with your wedding plans?

Cupid’s Advice:

Anyone who has been involved in planning a wedding knows how difficult it is to please everyone involved.  People tend to forget that weddings are really about the couple getting married and less about the flower arrangements and catering plans.  Cupid has some advice on how to handle the situation diplomatically:

1.  Explain your reasoning: Your close family and friends may lay off for a bit if you explain why the details of your wedding are important to you. Perhaps you’re trying to save money or are honoring family traditions.

2.  Remind them that it’s your wedding: Sometimes critics just need a reality check.  Once you remind them that this is a celebration of you and the person you love, they should back off.

3.  Meet in the middle: It may be necessary to compromise with family members, especially if they are contributing the festivities financially.