Cupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Celebrate a Week of ThanksCupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Celebrate a Week of Thanks

By Emma L. Wells

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit early this year! On this weekend date idea, come up with a list of all the things and, more importantly, the people you’re thankful for in life. If you’re in the early stages of your relationship and love, this conversation can be a great way to get to know each other better.

Give Thanks on This Weekend Date Idea

It’s a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition to give thanks for everything in your life. Why not take it a step further this year and not just say thanks but show your appreciation too? After you and your beau have made your lists, start thinking of ways that you can give back to the people in your life.

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If you’re feeling creative, you can make some fall-themed gift baskets. You can bake some lovely Thanksgiving treats or, if you’re not that confident in the kitchen, buy some high quality ingredients and make a DIY basket. Many speciality cooking stores also sell pre-packaged cookie, pie, or cake mixes that you can include. Add some Thanksgiving decorations, like a few gourds or pumpkins from a farmers market, a serving tray, or utensils to help make their dinner extra special!

Put Some Love Into This Date Idea

Don’t forget to personalize your baskets by including a handwritten and heartfelt note telling them what they mean to you. Your loved ones will be touched that you put so much thought and care into this gift! Pass out your baskets to your family and friends throughout the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

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After this weekend date idea is over, consider this relationship advice and make an additional basket to give to your sweetheart! Instead of a Thanksgiving theme, make this basket more personal. Fill it with fun activities you two will enjoy doing together this winter, or find items that remind you of great memories from your relationship and love so far.

How will you and your honey give thanks this year? Tell us below!