Cupid's Pulse Article: Hollywood Couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Battle for Daughter’s First WordCupid's Pulse Article: Hollywood Couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Battle for Daughter’s First Word

By Meranda Yslas

New celeb parents, Hollywood couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are competing to see what will be their baby’s first word. As told in People, the Gossip Girl actress has heard her celebrity love, Reynolds, teaching their daughter to say ‘Da-da.’ Wanting to make sure ‘Ma-ma’ is the first word, she joked, “The word ‘Da-da’ is banned in our house.” 

It seems that even Hollywood couples squabble about their kids! What are some ways to compromise with your partner when it comes to parenting?

Cupid’s Advice:

It isn’t only Hollywood couples who get in tiffs about parenting styles, almost all parents are known to do things a little bit differently than their partners. To make sure you two are on the same page when it comes to raising your little ones, here is Cupid’s relationship advice about making compromises:

1. Create a list: If your partner does something is his parenting style that you don’t agree with or you find ineffective, sit down with him or her and compile a list of these actions.They can do the same thing, and if you both list a similar action, it can be something you both can work on eliminating.

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2. Don’t make someone be the bad guy: It is very common in a couple that one will be the ‘nice’ parent, who lets their kids eat ice cream before dinner, while the other one is labeled the ‘mean’ parent, who enforces the rules and puts the kids in timeout. Rather than creating this tension, make sure to share the responsibility of who has to discipline the kids.

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3. Let the little things go: You will drive yourself crazy trying to control every aspect of you and your partner’s parenting style. The little things, like you saying bedtime is 8:00pm while your partner says 8:30, shouldn’t cause you to stress.

How do you compromise with your partner about parenting styles? Share below!