Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Star Light, Star BrightCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Star Light, Star Bright

By Rebecca White

Whether you celebrate around a tree or a menorah, the holiday spirit is in full swing — and so is the stress that comes along with it. Your relationship and love life may feel strained from all of the pressure. If you’re in need of a romantic evening with your partner, dive into the cultural craze and Hanukkah spirit with a personal take on “The Festival of Lights.” This weekend date idea is the perfect opportunity to stargaze together and enjoy nature’s own decorative lights.

Stargaze to Improve Your Relationship and Love

To get started with this date idea, you’ll need to grab some winter wear and hot cocoa (don’t forget the peppermint schnapps!) so you stay warm while you look at the stars. Next, you’ve got to find the best spot in your neighborhood. If you live in the city, don’t worry! All those bright lights may make it difficult, but it’s not impossible. The Amateur Astronomer’s Association of New York leads stargazing ventures every week.

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There’s nothing more romantic than lying with your significant other under a big, fluffy, cashmere blanket while stargazing in the great outdoors. Let the holiday spirit bring your relationship and love to the next level. Think about it: The scenery is beautiful; there’s no one else around; and you’re lying next to each other in the darkness, looking up at the sky. Mix in cuddling under a blanket and sipping on a warm drink, and this might be your favorite date night yet!

Since it’s best to start stargazing about an hour after sunset, you can have an early dinner and then head to your own festival of lights. For some added romance, bring along a picnic basket filled with some sweet treats. As the sun goes down, the stars will become more visible, and you’ll want to have binoculars to get a closer look. You may want to invest in a constellation map so the two of you can tell the difference between Aquarius and Lyra. You could even make a game out of figuring out the different patterns.

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It’s also important to remember what culture you’re celebrating on this take of “The Festival of Lights.” To learn more about Chanukah, check out websites and read a brief history. In the midst of enjoying the starry night together, take our love advice and exchange gifts under the open sky. Look out for shooting stars, and don’t forget to make a wish for the holidays!

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