Cupid's Pulse Article: Miranda Cosgrove Wanted Shia LaBeouf As Her New Year’s KissCupid's Pulse Article: Miranda Cosgrove Wanted Shia LaBeouf As Her New Year’s Kiss

When People asked iCarly star, Miranga Cosgrove, about her dream New Year’s smooch, she replied, “If I could pick anyone, it would be Shia LabBeouf.”  Not only have the pair met, but Cosgrove also admits, “He’s really cute.”  Despite her wish, the young actress was kiss-less at midnight.  When it comes to turning that dream into a reality, she admits that not having a driver’s license is limiting the possibilities.  “I got my permit,” Cosgrove says,” but I’m still not officially driving and I don’t have a car.”  If a car is all that it takes, perhaps 2012 will prove lucky for the starlet.

What are some ways to snag a kiss from someone you like?

Cupid’s Advice:

New Year’s might be over, but that’s no reason to shy away from kissing someone you like!   Cupid’s got three ways to hook a kiss from that special someone:

1. Drop a few hints: While we would all like to think that that special guy or gal can read our minds, it never works out that way.  Rather than hope that they understand how you feel, lay down some inviting body language.  A light touch against their arm can send the right message.

2. Dress the part: Of course kisses can happen in sweatpants, but it never hurts to glam it up!  Pop in a mint, spray some perfume and dress up with a nice blouse when you’re ready to lay one on him.

3. Lean in: If you’re not afraid to be a little forward, why not initiate the kiss?  Nothing is sexier than confidence!