Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘American Idol’ Star Joey Cook Opens Up About Her Celebrity Engagement: “He’s the Love of My Life!”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘American Idol’ Star Joey Cook Opens Up About Her Celebrity Engagement: “He’s the Love of My Life!”

By Rebecca White

Joey Cook will not only leave the reality TV show American Idol having gained experience and knowledge in the music industry, but she’s also walking away with a celebrity engagement! Cook’s longtime boyfriend Evan Higgins proposed a few weeks ago, and the now-famous couple shared the news on Twitter on Thursday, Mar. 26. In our celebrity interview, the performer opens up about the special moment, saying, “The proposal was really sweet. He’s the love of my life!”

Behind the Scenes of Joey Cook’s Celebrity Engagement

Even though American Idol keeps the contestants incredibly busy, Higgins whisked Cook away for ten minutes in between photo shoots to get down on one knee and put a ring on her finger. “There was this garden with a bench in the hotel we were staying at,” the performer reveals. “He started out with all of this heartfelt stuff, and I thought he was going to break up with me! I was thinking, ‘Wait until the show’s done!'” Not only did Higgins find the perfect backdrop for a proposal, but he also made sure that the singer had her support system with her to make it even more special. “Evan called my family and made sure my mom was going to be there. My childhood best friend was there too,” Cook adds.

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The couple has carried out their relationship and love since 2009 and will celebrate their anniversary this summer — just in time for them to tie the knot. “I want to do the wedding soon because we’ve always wanted a summer wedding,” the reality TV star gushes. “And it’ll be six years this summer, so it’s perfect!” Although we’re sad to see her leave the competition, we’re excited that she now has time to plan the perfect celebrity wedding with her beau.

American Idol Contestant Talks About What the Reality TV Show Taught Her

Of course, Cook didn’t just chat with us about her perfect celebrity engagement story. The eliminated contestant says that American Idol has provided her with so many resources for her future. “They’ve exposed me to millions of people,” she shares. “I’ve never had vocal lessons before, and getting access to all of this information and being able to work with my vocal coach was amazing. I learned more about music in this last few months than I did in my whole life before now!”

The singer says she couldn’t be more grateful for the life-changing experience, which taught her more about herself as well. “I wasn’t confident as a vocalist before, and this show has shown me that, along with playing instruments and writing music, I’m a singer, and that’s what I do,” she explains. “It’s proven to me that I am good enough, and I am capable and deserving.” We couldn’t agree more!

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After saying her goodbyes, Cook has a different vision of who she is as a performer. “Now that I’ve been soaked in the American Idol world, I see myself so much differently when it comes to what I can do with a show and a backdrop and little things like that,” the singer says. “It made everything larger than life for me.”

You can keep up with Joey on Twitter @IamJoeyCook!