Cupid's Pulse Article: Kevin Spacey Doesn’t Need an American BeautyCupid's Pulse Article: Kevin Spacey Doesn’t Need an American Beauty

By Jenna Barbieri

This weekend at The Times Center in Manhattan, famous legends of film, theater, music and dance will join together to express their shared love for the arts at the 10th Anniversary of Arts & Leisure Weekend.  Kicking off the spectacular event tonight will be none other than two-time Academy Award-winning actor-director-producer, Kevin Spacey.

Though currently starring as disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff in Casino Jack, Spacey has a much bigger responsibility serving as creative director of The Old Vic theater in London for the last seven years.  So what makes it so easy for Spacey to drop what he’s doing and hop an eight-hour flight to New York?  Perhaps it’s because he has no “ball and chain” to hold him back.

That’s right, the 51-year-old film legend’s ring finger bares no band.  In fact, it never has!  Yet Spacey continues to squeeze out every ounce of creative energy he has in him year after year.  Which begs me to question, can being married to the arts act as a healthy alternative to being married to a significant other?

Spacey has never been known to go out of his way to get serious with another person, but he moved to another country to take the job at the Old Vic theater.  When first questioned about his feeling on the big commitment Kevin would say, “I’m living my dream.”  Not being married gives him the opportunity to give full attention and devotion to his number one love – the arts.  In a way, the the theater plays the role (pun intended) as his wife: a wife whom he is completely passionate, happy and more than content with.

And Kevin Spacey isn’t alone in this category!  Among other passionate art lovers who have never walked down the aisle are Diane Keaton, Oprah Winfrey, Al Pacino, Sheryl Crow, Bill Maher and the legendary Coco Chanel.  These stars are living proof that something that while some people get married when they’re in love to have someone who will be there to hang out, listen to music and laugh with them for the rest of their lives, others can depend on their stage, their guitar, or their audience to fulfill the same feeling.

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