Cupid's Pulse Article: Hilary Duff Says She Loves Her Post-Celebrity Baby BodyCupid's Pulse Article: Hilary Duff Says She Loves Her Post-Celebrity Baby Body

By Meranda Yslas

Two years following the birth of her son celebrity baby Luca Cruz,  Hilary Duff is loving her post-celebrity baby body, according to The actress admitted that getting back into shape wasn’t easy, and her body isn’t the same as it was before her celebrity pregnancy. “My body is never going to be what is was,” the 27 year old celeb shared. “I have stretch marks, my boobs are different- much different! And that’s fine and I’m happy with them.”

Even celebrity babies cause their moms to struggle with getting back in shape. What are three ways to get secure with your post-baby body?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby changes a woman’s body and it is can be difficult or even impossible to get the body you had before the pregnancy. You may see things that weren’t there before, like stretch marks or some permanent weight gain. These aren’t the end of the world and Cupid can offer some self love advice  on how to be comfortable in your post-baby body:

1. Say it out loud: For the most part, coming to terms with your body is something you have to accomplish in your mind. Standing in front of the mirror and saying, “I love my body” everyday for awhile just might make you believe it.

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2. Talking with other moms: It can be hard for friends to try and console you about your post-pregnancy body insecurities if they haven’t been through a pregnancy themselves- they don’t understand the changes. Try talking to other women who have gone through a pregnancy and see how they got comfortable with their body.

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3. Flaunt it: Sometimes pregnancy may make you gain weight in places like your bust or your butt. Rather than try to hide your new attributes, show them off! Wear some great jeans that make your post-pregnancy booty look awesome.

How did you come to accept your post-pregnancy body? Share below?