Cupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Give the Gift of BabysittingCupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Give the Gift of Babysitting

By Rebecca White

Don’t fret about what to get your friends this holiday season! This weekend, offer to babysit and give them a kid-free date night. Holiday seasons can be tough on families because there are so many preparations to be made. The gift of alone time is just what your friends need. Plus, you’ll get to see what your partner will be like as a parent! This date idea is sure improve your relationship and love life as you play house for a few hours.

Give the Gift of Babysitting to Improve Your Relationship and Love

For this weekend date idea, call up one of your married friends and tell them to take some time off and plan a night out with their spouse. Next, it’s time for you to decide how to entertain their kids! Depending on the ages, you can play games, watch a movie, or plan a bigger activity like making crafts, writing a story, acting out a musical, or putting on a fashion show. For more ideas, check out for advice and ideas on how to babysit for any age.

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This date idea will you some insight into what your significant other will be like as a mom or dad. Is he the disciplinarian? Is she nurturing and maternal? These are things you’ll want to know to determine if you’re truly a match made in heaven. Make sure you know who is in charge of enforcing punishments, who is in charge of making dinner, and who is in charge of cleaning up the house so your friends don’t come home to a disaster. By delegating responsibilities, you’ll find out if you make a good team and if you can handle the surprises that kids have in store for you.

Babysitting will also help you learn if your partner is even comfortable around kids. They should be able to channel their inner dork and play silly games, but that may be a challenge for them. Maybe they’re easily grossed out or get frustrated at the smallest thing. If so, that may be a bad sign. After all, kids are messy and require a lot of patience. This gift to your friends is a gift to yourself too. Who knows what you’ll discover about your sweetheart!

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If you’re nervous about babysitting with your honey, then set aside some time to chat about it. This could even be another date night before your babysitting adventure! Communication is key to succeeding as babysitters and parents (someday). After babysitting together, your relationship and love life will be thriving. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow even closer together!

Have you babysat with your beau before? Share your stories below!